The Foundation for Douglas County Schools is now accepting proposals for 2018 Opportunity Grants.  This spring more than $22,000 will be awarded to projects that fuel experiential learning and to schools and classrooms that most need the Foundation’s support.

 The deadline to apply is February 9, 2018, 5:00 PM MST.

Opportunity Grants will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Fill the Gap: Helping educators and schools support the basic needs of their students, priority for underserved student populations and/or schools that have minimal supplemental funds beyond the district budget allocation.
  • Innovation: Supporting projects and initiatives that create game-changing learning experiences for kids. Successful proposals will introduce something new that is imaginative, original and innovative.
  • Professional Development: Supporting high-quality professional development experiences that will directly impact student learning. Any DCSD school professional who works directly with students is eligible to apply.

Review the Request for Proposals prior to submitting your grant application. All applications must be reviewed and approved by the site principal or supervisor.

Request for Proposals (PDF)

Apply Online:

Fill the Gap


Professional Development

Student Scholarships

The following are individual student scholarship opportunities. Each scholarship is funded by a separate and unique organization or group, therefore widely different criteria apply. Please read each scholarship’s description and guidelines carefully.

The Administrators Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to high school seniors in need of financial assistance with the goal of making their higher education goals a reality.

This fund has awarded over $130,000 in scholarships to 151 recipients since 1988. Funding comes from DCSD administrators and staff, private donations and fundraisers, such as the Golf4Grad Tournament. Scholarships are awarded to students who might not otherwise be able to continue their education after high school. Financial need and academic merit are key criteria used in selecting recipients, and the scholarship is good for any college or vocational program.

LORI L. LIEBERMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is for the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as hearing young adults that are pursuing academic excellence in the teaching of deaf and hard of hearing children. Click here to access the scholarship website for all information and application. Click here for more information.

TOM MILLER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is open to any Douglas County School District graduate(s) who wish to pursue post secondary education leading to an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from a vocational or technical accredited school. Deadline to apply is June 1st. Click here to access scholarship information, purpose, criteria, qualifications, requirements and application. Click here for more information.

Staff Scholarships

The Nancy Intagliata Legacy Award is for any employee of a Douglas County elementary school whose life has been impacted by a cancer diagnosis, either a personal fight against cancer or a loved one’s fight against cancer. Deadline to apply is March 1st. Click here to access the website for the award information and application.

Douglas County is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation which can be attributed to the quality of life and the schools we have here.  The Foundation must be positioned to support the capital and programming needs of our School District.

Wes King

DCEF, Board of Trustees, First Bank, Area President

We are so grateful for all of your assistance throughout the years! Our kids would miss out on some great experiences without your help. Thank you very much!

Aaron McLean

6th Grade Teacher

Our objective at DCEF is to establish enduring connections with business and community leaders within the county, with the shared goal of working together to assist the school district in its efforts to provide new opportunities to students.

Patrick Mooney

Member, DCEF Board of Trustees, General Manager, Intermountain Rural Electric Association